How to wash your sports shoes?

When you work out, it is not hard at all to sully your sports shoes, is it? Especially if you do exercises outside. So, how should you wash them so that they do not get destroyed and do not have unpleasant stains on the top? Keep reading to get to know some effective methods on washing sports shoes.

Warning! Trainers and sneakers according to manufacturers’ recommendations should be hand-washed without the use of strong detergents and washing machine. Any attempt of washing your shoes in a machine is at your own risk, because no damages will be covered by the warranty.

Hand washing of sports shoes

If your sports shoes are dirty and soaked, wait until they are dry before cleaning them. The surface dirt can be removed with a soft brush – a soft toothbrush or a special brush for suede surfaces. If the dirt does not go away, try to remove it with the same, but wet brush – water only. Remove the shoelaces and pads from the shoes before getting wet. Clean shoes both from outside and inside. Using only water without cleaning agents will prevent the onset from appearing disruptive yellow stains. Shoelaces and pads should be washed in a warm water with a bit of dish gel.

If the water cleaning is insufficient, wash the shoes in the water mixed with a dish gel. Rinse your shoes from inside and outside. Dry your shoes outdoors in a shady place (in the sun they may fade) and stiffen inside a newspaper, paper towels or toilet paper – so you preserve their shape.

Washing sport shoes in a washing machine

Although sports footwear manufacturers do not recommend washing shoes in the washing machine, in practice it often results that handwashing unfortunately is insufficient. How to minimize the risk of shoe damage when washing it in a washing machine?

First and foremost, wash your shoes before properly. Clean them from the mud and dry dust first. Remove the pads and shoelaces, which are the best to wash in hands. Put each shoe separately in a laundry bag, an old pillow case or a special linen bag. This way, you will protect your shoes from being hit during doing the laundry. It is also recommended to fill the washing machine drum with other items (towels, cloths) so that the shoes do not spin in the drum on their own.  We set the washing machine for a short 30-minute program at 20-30 degrees. We also choose a low spinning 400-600. Some washing machines have an additional program for shoe washing. If you are that lucky person, choose that one. When the washing is ready, dry them the same way as it was described for handwash.

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