White sneakers / Ideal for summer

White sports shoes are ideal for the summer heat. They go well with almost everything, are comfortable, airy, and skilfully composed with the rest of the outfit can make each styling look marvellous. White colour makes them perfect to stand the summer warmth  as it does not attract the sun that much. Have a look on my propositions on how you can wear white sneakers and trainers on a daily basis, to work and for leisure.

Every day sneakers

Where did the name sneakers come from? Contrary to appearances, it is not new – the history of sports shoes on a rubber sole reaches back to the 18th century, when the first demand for this type of shoes appeared. The name comes obviously from the word sneak because you can move in them silently and unnoticed and that was desired back in that days. Over the years sports footwear has changed its purpose: today we use it not only to go running or training, but also on a daily basis to create a casual look. How to introduce sneakers into your everyday wardrobe? The best option is to buy, of course, plain, white shoes. The flexibility of white makes them suitable for many sets, especially during spring and summer. You can combine a white pair of sneakers with ripped jeans and a T-shirt. The leather jacket will emphasize the loose, rock-and-roll character of the styling, and the patterned handbag will complement your set.

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Converse in a female version

Comfy Cute Stripe Dress ❤︎ I love how easy this outfit is. #nautical #converse #navy

The most popular sports shoes are converses. They were popular all around the world, although originally, in 1917, they served as basketball shoes. The first model of shoes developed in collaboration with basketball player Chuck Taylor (and still bears his name) remains practically unchanged. Only the purpose of shoes has changed – we wear them every day, combining their loose style with trousers, skirts and dresses. Converses in feminine, delicate stylizations are doing a great job. Try to combine them with a matching striped dress, black bag and delicate accessories such as a watch on a striped belt and dark glasses. You will obtain a very girly outfit in a marine style.

Wear your sneakers to work

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Sneakers, although they have a sporty roots, are worn today in many different sets. It has become common to combine them with elegant or semi-formal clothing. Sports shoes and jacket to work? Why not, let’s take a chance! By choosing white sports shoes, you can experiment with the rest of your clothes, but they are sure to fit well with a classic shirt, chino pants and lightweight jacket. The smart casual style, combining elegance and sportiness, makes it comfortable with a professional look and let’s admit that, this is what matters the most during hot summer months.

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