Back to classics // Chelsea boots

All women know the magic of high heels – you put them on and you feel sexier, you take them off and you feel happier.

Well, we are all aware it is so true. Luckily, this 2017 season is extremely merciful for all of us and first of all, for our feet. All types of high heels can be put away for a while, because during the cold season we are wearing beloved all round the world, comfortable Chelsea boots again!

At the first look, they look like simple ankle boots.

The devil, however, is hidden in the details and here it’s the elastic part of the shoes that let the foot be put inside without any problems. Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel. They often have a loop or tab of fabric on the back of the boot, enabling the boot to be pulled on. In the second half of the 19th century, both women’s and men’s fashion was dominated by boots similar to Chelsea ones with a big one difference. Their main disadvantage in functionality was the need to fasten countless number of buttons needing to use special tools. Personally, I find these old-fashioned shoes beautiful, but it is not the most convenient model for an everyday use. The Chelsea boots were designed and invented by the Queen Victoria court shoemaker and soon gained popularity thanks to their simplicity.  In the 60’s of the XX century these shoes were especially liked by Mods – an English subculture, fond of sophisticated and quite strange clothes. Then came the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, whose Chelsea boots were enriched with a Cuban heel.

Initially, the Chelsea boot had a small heel and a straight cut top that reached over the ankle. Today this model can be bought not only in this classic form. In stores, the Chelseas are available in almost every colour. In addition, we can buy them lacquered, suede, brocade, openwork, pillar heels, and even wellies looking like Chelseas.

What does go well with this type of footwear? What does not? Check out this little guide to boost your look with timeless Chelsea boots.

They should not be worn with:

  • Wide pants
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Stockings

What does go well with Chelsea boots?

Footwear of this kind must be completely open and visible. So, we wear Chelseas with tight skinny jeans, leggings, black tights. If you have long jeans, fold them so they are above the shoes. These shoes can be worn with socks, they look good with colourful ones with funny prints on it.

Propositions for your outfit:

  • Chelsea boots + thighs + dress
  • Chelsea boots+ tight jeans + jumper
  • Chelsea boots+ leggings + top
  • Chelsea boots+ thighs + skirt + blouse
  • Chelsea boots+ socks + shorts + top
  • Chelsea boots+ shirt + jeans
  • Chelsea boots+ jeans + sweater + jacket / jacket

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