Creepers // timeless trend // comfort and style

Do you like accessories that emphasize your style? Do you like solid and comfortable shoes? Do you often choose shoes on a thick sole? You do? Well, this is what almost all of us want from a footwear. And this is exactly what creepers have for us and our feet. Keep reading to find out how to wear creepers and what model should you choose for your next styling.

Creepers – what kind of shoes are these? 

Initially they were used mainly in the military, so most creepers work great in all weather conditions what makes walking in creepers on various surfaces a cinch. They were popular among many subcultures across the history and till today they are the hallmark especially of rock fans. Massive creepers were worn by many musicians, including members of Comets, The Clash, Sex Pistols and beloved David Bowie.

Image 1 of Dr Martens Masha Creeper Boots

Creepers are getting more and more popular among women and men each year. This footwear was introduced to the market by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren at their fashion show, shortly after that,  they opened the first creepers store. Since then, the shoes on the thick sole began to be presented on many fashion shows and it  has remained so until today.

How to wear them? Outfits with creepers

Creepers look great in different styles and situations. No matter if you wear shorts, skirts, trousers or dresses, thick coats they will go well with all of these. The first and the most common thought that comes to mind when thinking about styling creepers is of course mixing them with grunge, punk or rock style clothes. Creepers look great in total looks, but they will also fit well casual, everyday outfit made up of jeans and a simple cut T-shirt.

black creepers, black tights, leopard print skirt, black shirt, black backpack

The most interesting and legendary models

Which models should you choose to fit in with the current trends? For this season, it is recommended to choose models in metallic shades that announce the big return of the disco style and emphasize your style. I particularly like the creepers in total  black looks, they make the whole set look a bit more bold and intriguing. Interesting models are also creepers with an animal print, such as speckles or leopard. A good choice will be the creepers made of jeans or suede. The legendary model are black shoes on the thick sole without any extra details.

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What brands are worth your trust when getting creepers?

One of the most famous creepers manufacturer is T.U.K. that celebrates its 26th anniversary this year. Their shoes are original, inspired by music bands, artists, stylists, designers. In their offer, there are both classic models as well as those very original and even quite extravagant. Also, if you like to have a wider selection and a deeper view on what’s available, have a look at the Foot Asylum online store where you can find many models of creepers of the top brands like Puma, Nike, Adidas Originals, Vans.  And look, with this Footasylum Discount Code from Groupon you can get them cheaper. Pick a good quality footwear and enjoy the comfort of these timeless creepers.

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