Stylish shoes for Spring & Summer 2017

This season our shoes should have straps around the ankle and kitten heels. Another hot model are mudes, high heels in juicy fuchsia colour and shoes that look like … socks. You will be surprised how many interesting footwear trends has appeared in so many styles that can bring back loads of memories from days long gone Check out the most desirable shoes for the spring and summer of 2017!

Fashionable shoes – spring and summer trends 2017

Fashionable shoes for spring/summer of 2017 are the proof that fashion is changing its approach to footwear and gets more and more bold every season. After the reign of Birkenstock, the designers brought back to our wardrobes the kitten heels. Low heels have so far been considered a kitsch symbol, now they got their glory back. We could admire many ideas on kitten heels on different recent fashion show, among others at: Givenchy, Dior or Acne. Whereas Christopher Kane gave a new perspective on plastic crocs – to make those shoes look more stylish, he decorated them with coloured stones. In the spring of 2017, according to designers, we will wear, as in the previous year, the mules, as well as sandals and platforms with delicate straps around ankles. Put away your heavy motorbike boots, now longer shoes should look like socks (Fendi, Balenciaga). Instead of ballerinas, we will put on our feet shoes that are very long with a sharp tip. Also, there is a hot alternative for your traditional black high heels: replace them with high heels in fuchsia colour. All of the above mentioned should be worn with colourful tights.

The mules

Mules, that is in other words open back footwear, looking like a combination of slippers and regular shoes, are back in fashion. Bringing the second life to the mules should be attributed to the creative director of Gucci. Alessandro Michele has been showing them on the runway of the Italian fashion house a few seasons ago (do you remember his famous shoes with fur?), and now the mules were shown at other fashion shows: N21, Acne, Aalto, Celine and Biagiotti. Although, they optically shorten the legs, we will be happily wearing them to pleated skirts and denim chinos.

The kitten heels

This is absolutely a must have this season. They give you a bit of extra height to boost your confidence without hurting your feet. They are no longer than 5 cm and go well stunningly with dresses, 7/8 chinos and long airy skirts. They have appeared in the hottest repertoires of the fashion houses making kitten heels the most frequently appearing model of footwear on the world’s catwalks. Designers loved the kitten heel, especially with a sharp tip. They could have be seen at Dior’s, Givenchy’s, N21’s, Acne’s and Celine’s catwalks.


It appears that the ankles are a great part of the body to emphasize this spring and summer. Thanks to trendy girly straps, your shoes will stick to your shoes for the whole day and will add up a bit of glam to your stylizing. Wrapping around the ankle trend is as huge as it can get in 2017.

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