Socks for running!

Why your socks are just as important as your shoes

We do a lot of things when we prepare for a good long run. This might be getting an early night, planning your run, getting a good breakfast, proper clothes or going to the bathroom but how many of us consider our socks?

See a good run for me is always getting up early, having a good breakfast, a good stretch, wearing comfy clothes and heading out but one thing I pay close attention to is my socks.

For runners, your shoes are pretty important… runners take their shoes really seriously to get the best type of fit. The type of shoe you get depends on the type of run you go on, is its trails? street? both?. Well… in my opinion, your socks are just as important as your shoes and it’s often overlooked.

Truth is your socks make or break a run, you just don’t ever think of that as being the case. So when buying the perfect running socks you need to make sure it gets rid of any moisture fast to prevent blisters. The thickness of the sock is personal preference but you need to pay attention to how comfy it is. 

Personally, it doesn’t make sense purchasing really expensive running shoes and then buying a really cheap pair of shoes. Basically, it just means your foot is sliding around in your shoe which will cause friction and painful blisters. You don’t want your feet getting damaged do you? 

Get yourself some proper socks! look up running sports socks and see what you can find. You really trying to find a sock with two layers as this will absorb friction while getting rid of the mousing which will dramatically be reducing the blisters. 

Cushioning is another improvement we get in modern socks and is one of the main reasons why some runners invest in a good pair of socks than others do. The level of padding you get differs obviously and each brand usually sticks to the same thickness. When i say cushioning i mean mainly around the heel and toe area which gets the most pressure when running. Some good pairs of running socks have additional thread put into the socks from the top to the bottom which acts as a sort of bandage for your joints. These can help reduce injuries that tend to occur near the end of a run.

Seriously! runners invest in proper socks! this will let you run further more comfortably and will prevent injuries. Your feet won’t be as sore either!  The same goes even for normal days, bad socks can make your feet really smelly. 

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